Zamora is the proper name for the so-called "City of Thieves", but this colloquial title is nearly universal amongst the people who know of it.

It is the capital city of the kingdom of the same name, and the home of the king. It was also the location of the strange and mysterious Elephant Tower until it was destroyed in the events of "The Tower of the Elephant."

The most notable feature of Zamora is The Maul, a large district given over to thievery and other unsavory activities. It is here that Conan resided during his stay here.

Another important feature of Zamora is its large temple district. Zamorian religion is very complex, and its priests use this district for worship, study, and other activities. The temples are protected by magical wardings and the guards hired by the temples themselves.

Yara was the high priest of these religions before he was destroyed in the events of "The Tower of the Elephant."

Name Edit

The alternate name "Arenjun" was attributed to the city by later authors, however Robert E. Howard never used this name, instead referring to it as "Zamora".

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