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Zairin is a seductive thief from Kordava who appeared in the 2004 video game.


Zairin wears a rather revealing cloth, only being clad with feathered clothings that covered her bossums and lower torso, she also wears a pair of boots, armbands, golden bracelets, and a necklace, she also has a pony tail.


Zairin was born in Arenjun, she lost both her parents at the age of 10 when her village was struck by a mysterious plague. Her uncle later adopted her and the two moved to Kordava.

Hearing rumors of a hidden treasure, Zairin ventured within the Picts' territory in search of an ancient fortress.

Meeting ConanEdit

Conan first encountered Zairin in the Fortress of the Ghosts where she was captured by the Fortress' inhabitants after attempting to steal their treasure. Conan rescued her before she can be sacrificed and the two escaped together.

After several days of fending off the Picts while traveling through the river using a canou, Conan and Zairin made it to the ocean and soon arrived at Kordava's harbor. As a reward for rescuing her, Zairin directed Conan to her uncle who knew information regarding the Vulture Cult. Shortly after their meeting, Zairin was kidnapped by the cultists, while her uncle was murdered. Conan infiltrated the cult's headquarters, only for him to witness Zairin being transported to a portal that leads to the cult's temple. Zairin was later seen forced by the cultists to read incantations to summon Seth. Conan was able to defeat Seth and together they escaped the crumbling temple.


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