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"Wolves Beyond the Border" is a fragment of a non-Conan story set in the Hyborian Age by Robert E. Howard.

It was re-written and completed as a Conan story by L. Sprague de Camp.

Synopsis Edit

(From the Conan The Usurper version, ISBN 0-441-11459-8)

Set during the time of Conan's conquest of Aquilonia, the foreword and story refer to ongoing battles between the armies of Conan and King Numedides. The Picts see an opportunity however.

Told by a border ranger named Gault Hagar's son, the Gault witnesses a secret Pictish ceremony conducted by Tenayoga, a Ligurean shaman, and witnessed by Lord Valerian, an Aquilonian nobleman.

Gault flees to Fort Kwanyara, thence to the town of Schondara where he meets an old friend, exchanges news on Conan's forces and discovers Lord Valerian. Valerian is imprisoned but escapes.

Gault escapes the attack of a giant ape and with others, follows Valerian to a cabin where they watch him meet with the old shaman and a band of Gunderman guards. The leaders of four Pictish tribes plan to meet together and consult a wizard in the swamp. Gault, Hakon and their rangers attack the cabin setting it alight. The two track those who escaped the carnage to the swamp meeting and are captured.

The tribes agree to attack Schondara and depart, leaving the captives bound to stakes. Gault escapes his bonds, slays the wizard and the pair are just in time to sabotage the Pictish assault and be proclaimed as heroes.

Characters Edit

Gault Hagar's son

Hakon Strom's son

Lord Valerian

Tenayoga, pictish chaman

Kwarada, The witch of Skandaga


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