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Count Thespides is a literary character created by Robert E. Howard in his story ‘Black Colossus’, published by Weird Tales during June 1933.

Biographical sketchEdit

The Count led the five-hundred strong knights of Khoraja, and it is said he sought Princess Yasmela’s hand in marriage. His proud aristocratic nature led to his downfall, as he ignored Conan’s sage military tactics. Instead, he rushed into battle and fell straight into Natohk’s fiery trap.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tall and strong, despite the impression his slightly affected manner presented, with curled and scented black locks along with a carefully pointed mustache.

Traits and skillsEdit

The Count is a man of honour, dedicated to his Princess and proud in battle. However, he is an aristocrat used to being followed, which means that he found it difficult to accept Conan’s command. He was the head of the Khorajan knights.

Stories featuring ThespidesEdit