The Ultimate Triumph: The Heroic Fantasy of Robert E. Howard is a collection of Robert E. Howard's heroic fantasy stories, including one Conan story.

Contents Edit

  • Beyond the Black River (novella) Weird Tales May & June 1935
  • "The House of Arabu"
  • "Spears of Clontarf"
  • "Lord of Samarcand"
  • "The Night of the Wolf"
  • "Spear and Fang"
  • "The Valley of the Worm"
  • "A Word from the Outer Dark" (poem)
  • "Viking's Trail" (poem)
  • "The Song of the Last Briton" (poem)
  • "A Song of the Naked Lands" (poem)
  • "An Echo from the Iron Harp" (poem)

Publishing history Edit

References Edit

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