The Caves also known as the Dragon Caves and the Caves of Melniboné. The Caves is a Province and sub-region of both Melnibone Region, Melnibone Island, Melnibone Kingdom and formerly the Melniboné Empire. The Caves is a series of Caves where Dragons live that work with the Melnibonéns to help them in there wars for conquest. It is known that the help from the Dragons was one of the reasons why the Melnibonéns were able to create the Empire of Melniboné at some point in the past.


The Caves are located in Argos along with the rest of the lands near the former Melniboné Empire. Generally speaking the Caves form the northern part of Melnibone Region and Melnibone Kingdom which also sometimes includes ocupation on the mainland which is in the various Young Kingdoms. This Province is bounded to the north by the North Oldest Ocean and to the south-east by the South Oldest Ocean also known as the Dragon Sea. This Province is bounded to the West by the West Oldest Ocean also known as "the Dragon Sea". Incidentally it it also bounded by the East Young Kingrom to the East past the Ocean and North East Young Kingdom young kingdom to the north east across the ocean. To its immediate South east its boundedy by Imrryr province also part of Melnibone Region but in its far south east it it bounded by the South East Young Kingdom. See maps below for more geographical information.


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