Most people are only aware of Robert E. Howard's (1906-1936) literary invention of Conan the Barbarian, but he had a number of bigger-than-life characters in his stable of pulp tales. Cormac Fitzgeoffrey only appears in two of these tales: Hawks of Outremer and The Blood of Belshazzar, both written in 1931. In the latter, Cormac seeks for help in rescuing his leader from barbarians from barbarians even more fierce and evil than those that hold his friend captive. There is lots of blood and body counts and is well worth the time if you like your pulp fiction well seasoned with action and adventure. "I have something each wishes. They hate each other; I play them against one another. I hold the key to the plot. They do not trust each other enough to move against me. I am Skol Abdhur! Men are puppets to dance on my strings. And women"--a vagrant and curious glint stole into his eyes--"women are food for the gods," he said strangely.