Savage Sword of Conan #61
Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 61
Date: Feb, 1981
Cover: Joe Chiodo
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: John Buscema
Letterer: Rick Parker
Title: The Wizard Fiend of Zingara

The Wizard Fiend of ZingaraEdit


Writer: Michael Fleisher
Art: John Buscema
Letterer: Rick Parker

Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Tamar-Shar-Khun
  • Bar-Helm
  • Nefertali
  • Zerbo
  • Phehmenes (First and only appearance to date). King of Nemedia
  • Sharmela


  • Zingara

Time FrameEdit


Three men break into the castle of the wizard-fiend Tamar-Shar-Khun, determined to find the secret of the giant animals he farms, but the wizard discovers and quickly slays them. Meanwhile, many leagues away Conan returns to the Zingaran capital of Kordova with a captive from a small rebellion he helped put down in the service of king Phehmenes. He turns the prisoner, Ragnok, over to Captain Bar-Helm and recounts how the resistance burned the crops and destroyed the land, and predicts a food shortage and famine. Bar-Helm takes Conan to greet the king, who rewards Conan with a woman, Nefertali, much to the chagrin of the simple giant, Zerbo, who pines for her. Conan takes stock of Phehmenes, who is in most ways a good man and king, but Conan notes his young wife, Sharmela, has sharper edges. Suddenly, Ragnok breaks free and attacks the king, but is stopped by Conan, impressing Phehmenes the more. That night, Sharmela leaves her bed and goes to visit her secret lover, Bar-Helm, to plot against her husband, as Bar-Helm's secretly cutting Ragnok loose did not end with the king's death. First, though, they plot to remove Conan from the equation, and to that end Bar-Helm talks Zerbo into gathering a band of cutthroats to kill Conan in the street, though Conan quickly defeats the would-be assassins. When Zerbo reports his failure to Sharmela, she has her pet falcon peck out Zerbo's eye. Bar-Helm and Sharmela put together a second plan to get Conan out of the way, and send him on a mission to find out how Tamar-Shar-Khun grows his giant crops and beasts. Conan, though suspicious of Sharmela, leaves on his journey, followed by Zerbo, who by now realized he was played and wants to make amends to Conan. He tells Conan what has happened and pledges his service to him. Back at the castle, Bar-Helm and Sharmela continue their plotting, but discover Nefertali eavesdropping. The captain takes her to a torturer to find out what she overheard.

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