Savage Sword of Conan #187
Ssoc 187
Date: July, 1991
Cover: Ovi Hondru
Writer: Various
Penciller: Various
Inker: Various
Letterer: Various
Editor: Mike Rockwitz
Title: "Blood Bond"
"Red Sonja Quells the Song of the Siren"

Blood BondEdit

Red Sonja Quells the Song of the SirenEdit


Writer: Marie Javins
Artist: Steve Buccelato
Letterer: Jean Simek
Inker: Alfredo Alcala

Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • King Adeno and his daughter (First and only appearance to date).


  • Forest and Sea

Time FrameEdit

  • A few days


Riding away from her duel with Conan, Sonja attempts to cross the forests of King Adeno. She is waylaid by several soldiers who quickly learn the error of their ways, Saved only by the timely intervention of their monarch. Impressed by Sonja's martial prowess said monarch offers Sonja a job. Escorting his daughter across the sea with her virginity intact. Sonja, assuming this will be a cake walk accepts. Soon Sonja learns her mistake, fancying herself a Siren, the Princess is a temptress most cunning to the hearts of men. Sonja spends most of her time on the ship keeping the sailors away from the princess at sword point. During a storm the ship is partially reefed, and then attacked by a group of Sirens. Sonja ties the sailors up but is unable to pilot the ship away, insulting the princess's beauty and singing skills in order to get her to sing and counteract the siren song. Sonja manages to save the ship and the sailors but the princess jumps overboard to go and join the Sirens. Cutting her losses Sonja decides not to follow her.


Conan Chronology
Previous Appearance:Savage Sword of Conan #124 Savage Sword of Conan #187 Next Appearance:Savage Sword of Conan #92
Red Sonja Chronology
Previous Appearance:
Savage Sword of Conan #153
Savage Sword of Conan #187 Next Appearance:
Savage Sword of Conan #1

Savage Sword of Conan
Previous Issue:
Savage Sword of Conan #186
Savage Sword of Conan #187 Next Issue:
Savage Sword of Conan #188

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