Red Sonja is a upcoming movie in development by Millennium Films and Emmett/Furla Films.


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According to Variety, a second Red Sonja film has been in development for some years.<ref'Variety</ref> In 2008, Robert Rodriguez and his production company Troublemaker Studios were working on a version that would have starred Rose McGowan as the titular character.[1] By 2009 however, the Rodriguez project had been scrapped, and February 2010, rights holders Nu Image are moving forward with another projected new film, to be directed by Simon West. One report has state that Megan Fox would played the character but denied about appearing in the film.[2] Producer Avi Lerner has said he would like to see Amber Heard take the role of Sonja, after having worked with her on Drive Angry. Lerner says the film will shoot before the sequel to Conan the Barbarian.[3] In August 2012 at the premiere of The Expendables 2 West said that the film was stuck in production.[4] Christopher Cosmos has been hired as a screenwriter for the new film.[5] According to Deadline, Millennium Films will finance and produce a new Red Sonja movie with Avi Lerner and Joe Gatta producing alongside with Cinelou FilmsMark Canton and Courtney Solomon.[6]


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