Olivia Jane d'Abo (born January 22, 1969)[1] portrays Princess Jehnna in Conan the Destroyer. The movie was filmed in the late fall of 1983,[2] while d'Abo was 14.

She had just finished filming Bolero,[3] which ended up being released two months after Conan the Destroyer since the former had to be reedited to avoid being rated X. d'Abo went on to a long career of supporting roles and voice work; most notably, The Wonder Years.

Selected filmographyEdit

  • Conan the Destroyer (June 1984) as Princess Jehnna
  • Bolero (August 1984) as Paloma
  • The Wonder Years (1988–1993) as Karen Arnold
  • Party of Five (1999) as Perry Marks
  • The Legend of Tarzan and Tarzan & Jane (2001–2003) as Jane Porter (voice)
  • L&O: Criminal Intent (2002–2005, 2008) as Nicole Wallace
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008–2009) as Luminara Unduli (voice)


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