Natala is a literary character created by Robert E. Howard in his story ‘The Slithering Shadow’, published by Weird Tales during September 1933.

Biographical sketchEdit

A Brythunian who was “appropriated” by Conan in the slave-market of a stormed Shemite city. She accompanies Conan to the city of Xuthal.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Natala is white skinned with blonde hair, a lithe figure and red lips – the typical Howard female.

Traits and skillsEdit

Natala is a somewhat two dimensional damsel in distress character, unable to defend herself and therefore entirely reliant on Conan for protection. However, she is also portrayed as sensibly cautious, urging Conan to leave accursed Xuthal: Conan might well have saved himself some pain if he had followed her advice.

Stories featuring NatalaEdit

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