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Keshan is a country of the Hyborian Age.

Geography Edit

Eastern border is River Styx separating it from Punt, hereditary enemy. Over the river to the north is Stygia. West neighbor is Darfar.

The broad grasslands merge with the forests that roll up from the south. Some caverns glow with a fixed phosphorescent encrustation, which was a common phenomenon in that part of the world.

History and politics Edit

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Population and culture Edit

Keshan is a barbaric kingdom. Unattached strangers were not welcome there and are required to explain their presence.

The people are a mixed race, a dusky nobility ruling a population that is largely pure Negro. The rulers — princes and high priests — claim descent from a white race which, in a mythical age, had ruled a kingdom whose capital city was Alkmeenon. That city is enclosed in a natural amphitheater, three or four miles in diameter, confined within the ring of cliffs. Intelligent monsters brought from southern jungles, ape-like and hideously human, very strong and agile, lurk and murder there.

Keshia, the royal city, is a swarm of thatched huts crowding about a mud wall that encloses a palace of stone and mud and bamboo. Story-tellers in the market squares repeat tales handed down from mouth to mouth through the centuries.

Priests wear ostrich plumes and leopard skin tunics.

Stories set in Keshan Edit

Characters from Keshan Edit

  • Gorulga — high priest
  • Gwarunga — priest