Jeweled Horn

The Jeweled Horn of Dagoth is an ancient artifact and the missing piece to the dreaming god Dagoth.

Conan The Destroyer (1984)Edit

According to the Scrolls of Skellis, a young virgin woman baring a specific mark is to be sent on a perilous journey in order to procure a key to the temple where the horn is kept. After which, she is the only one to procure the horn and take part in a ceremony which leads to the woman's sacrifice in order to raise the god Dagoth from his slumber.

Queen Taramis was determined to obtain the horn as her niece Princess Jehnna possessed such a mark and therefore she needed the help of the Cimmerian Conan. Conan agreed and traveled with Malak, Akiro, Zula, Jehnna and Bombaata to retrieve the key from a castle guarded by a wizard. Once they obtained the key, the head for the temple where the horn is kept and Jehnna retrieves it before returning to Shadizar with Bombaata.

With the horn placed in the forehead of Dagoth, the sacrifice almost occurs, but Zula impales the wizard before Jehnna dies. This in turn angers Dagoth and he begins wrecking havoc in the palace. Akiro tells Conan that he must pull the horn from his head in order to kill him which he manages to do before the monster dies

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