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Janissa the Widowmaker was a warrior woman who fought against and then later alongside Conan.

Biographical sketch Edit

Born to a wealthy family, Janissa rebelled against her father and sought out the witch known as the Bone Woman to ask for the strength of a man and deadliness with a blade. The Bone Woman offered her this in exchange for service lasting twice as long as her training would last, and Janissa agreed.

For her training, Janissa was trapped in a stone cave. The Bone Woman gave her a sword to defend herself and left her. That night, she was attacked by a demonic monster that overpowered her, beat her, and raped her. She woke up the next morning to meet the Bone Woman, who told her that the next night there would be two demons, and ever more every night following. This brutal ritual escalated nightly, with Janissa exercising and practicing every day, preparing to fight back. She grew more and more dangerous, but was always overpowered by the demons. As she grew in proficiency, the Bone Woman offered more help, advising her on battle tactics and augmenting her strength with sorcery. Eventually, Janissa grew so deadly that she was able to slay all the demons for a month. At this time, the Bone Woman released her from the cave, and she began her servitude.

Janissa served as the assassin and enforcer for the Bone Woman. She never questioned her orders, reporting on her targets and dealing death without hesitation. The first time she encountered Conan was in a tavern, where she was under instructions to spy on him. Later, the Bone Woman instructed her to protect a priest of Ibis who was opposing Thoth-Amon. Conan was in jail at the time, but bargained his freedom for some assistance to this priest. To test his martial skill, Conan sparred with Janissa, and they developed a healthy respect for each other.

Physical appearance Edit

Although she is a slight woman, Janissa's strength is impressive for her size. She has dark brown hair and pale skin, marked with scars from her battles. She also has a large V-shaped scar under her eye.

Traits and skills Edit

Janissa is a brutal killer who fights with elegance and grace. She prefers to fight with two curved swords to create a whirlwind of death. She carries a mystical wand that allows her to communicate with the Bone Woman over long distances. She has excellent senses, and is remarkably skilled at stealth. She can also climb walls very well, and has considerable acrobatic skill.

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