Ishtar is the earth goddess worshiped during the Hyborian Age.

Biographical Sketch Edit

  • Name: Ishtar.
  • Aliases: Ishnigarrab, Shupnikkurat and Shub-Niggurath.
  • Identity: Lesser Goddess.
  • Gender: Female typically.
  • Aspect: Fertility. Sexuality. Sensuality. Lust. Earth.
  • Appearance: Ishtar typically appears as an overwhelmingly beautiful maiden. She can take any form however.
  • Symbol: Ram's Head.
  • Powers and Abilities: Earth based powers. Healing. Seduction.
  • Weakness: Unknown.

Affiliations Edit

  • Group Membership: Unknown.
  • Allies: Unknown.
  • Enemies: Unclear. Indifferent.
  • Known Relatives: Unknown.
  • Base of Operations: Unknown.
  • Culture: Shem.

History and Cult Practices Edit

Ishtar is the ancient Shemite earth and fertility goddess. Her temples are luxurious and house sculptures of the goddess, which the Shemites believe Ishtar actually will inhabit at different times, if not always. Her worship includes the blood sacrifices of animals which are meant to bring her favor in harvests. Orgiastic behavior and excess are associated with her cults and her temple prostitutes are famous well beyond Shem.

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