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Hyperborea is a country of the Hyborian Age.

Geography Edit

Seperated from Asgard to the west by the River of Death Ice, Hyperborea is locked in perpetual winter. Hyperborea is home to several mountain ranges including the eastern end of the Eiglophian and Graaskal ranges.

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History and politics Edit

This country is the cradle of the Hyborian race. Its people have been drifting south-westward, destroying and absorbing conquered races. One tribe discovered how to build a crude fortress of boulders. Tribes refusing to become tributary to this new kingdom of Hyperborea joined the drift. Nordic savages also harried Hyborians increasingly, especially the ones without the protection of cyclopean walls. The drift was reinforced by this.

A thousand years later Hyperborea was temporarily overthrown by evolved Nordics. Another thousand years later Hyborian kingdoms dominate the western world: Aquilonia, Nemedia, Brythunia, Hyperborea, Koth, Ophir, Argos, Corinthia, Border Kingdom. Such is the legacy of this country and its people.

They advanced rapidly, especially in the dark art of sorcery (?).

Population and culture Edit

Pure Hyborians are tall, tawny-haired, grey-eyed. The ancient kingdom of Hyperborea is more aloof than the others, yet there is alien blood in plenty in its veins, from the capture of foreign women — Hyrkanians, Æsir and Zamorians. They are tall, gaunt, big-boned.

People are of slow speech and taciturn, but vigorous and warlike with violent natures.

The ways of Hyperborea are described as weird. They are civilized and dwell in cities. Even two thousand years ago they had a well-defined artistry and poetism of nature.

Hyperborea in Conan's day was ruled by wizards and witches, a group known as the White Hand. Its tall, gaunt lords and ladies tend toward white hair and emerald eyes. The lower classes can only look up from their huts and wonder what is occuring behind their cyclopean walls, where lightning plays about dark towers. [Citation needed.]

Stories set in Hyperborea Edit

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Characters from Hyperborea Edit

  • Queen Vammatar
  • Witch-Men

References Edit

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