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Conan the Warlord is a Conan novel by Leonard P. Carpenter.


In the ancient land of Nemedia, Conan of Cimmeria agrees to impersonate Baron Einharson's son and heir in order to escape a foul prison cell -- at least until he can escape completely, with a pouch full of gold. Calissa, the Baron's sensuous daughter, has other plans for Conan, as does Evadne, the voluptuous rebel maiden. Palace intrigues swirl -- poison in the cup and the assassin's dagger in the dark -- and Conan must lead the army of Dinander against the Cult of the Snake, the demon which burns and slays all whom it does not convert to half-serpent slaves of an ancient evil. In mouldering tombs the dead Lords of Einharson stir, and rise to strike down any who would threaten their line.

Chapter HeadingsEdit

  • Prologue: The Skeleton Troop
  • 1. The Dance of the Cubs
  • 2. The Manse
  • 3. The Schooling
  • 4. The Shrine in the Crypt
  • Interlude: The Plain of Smokes
  • 5. Sword and Lash
  • 6. Nectar and Poison
  • 7. Favian's Ride
  • 8. River of Blood
  • 9. Death's Eager Bride
  • 10. Succession by Steel
  • 11. The Warlords
  • 12. Milord Barbarian
  • 13. The March into Hell
  • 14. Dawn of Blood
  • 15. The Thousand-Tongued Serpent
  • 16. The Head of the Serpent
  • 17. Homecoming
  • 18. The Sword of Einhar
  • Epilogue: The Chariot



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