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Conan the Savage is a Conan novel by Leonard P. Carpenter.


After a gambling dispute erupts into violence and death, Conan of Cimmeria is condemned to the hellish mine pits of Brythunia where no man has ever escaped - or survived. But Conan breaks free and disappears into the wilderness, far from civilization, where he spends fishing and hunting and into the eager arms of Songa, a forest maiden.The story then involves Conan getting accepted into her tribe.

The second  story plods along about Tamsin-an orphan,who uses her family in a raid.All she has a rag doll,she Ninga and passed into an adopted family.She is  abused by them and a bunch of local kids.She gains some acceptance by a local priest and rise in power begins,via the evil dolls powers.

Still Tamsin and her doll, the demon-goddess Ninga has seized control of Brythunia and her insatiable appetite for human sacrifice threatens to devour the world. Only one man can strike at the very heart of Ninga's religion of blood. A man who carries death in his eyes... Conan the Savage.The story wanders,until the two meet in an unclimatic end,as the doll vanishes and Tamsin is back to square one-a nobody.Conan exites-the end


  • Ninga
  • Songa
  • Aklak
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Minor CharactersEdit

  • Regnard
  • City proctor sergeant
  • Tjai
  • Basifer
  • Prince Clewyn
  • King Typhas
  • Einholt
  • Velga
  • Higgin (Old)
  • Tamsin's Mother
  • Tamsin's Father
  • Gurda
  • Arl
  • Arnulf the Good


  • Kezankian Mountains
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Publication historyEdit


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