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Conan the Barbarian #12
Ctb 012
Date: December, 1971
Cover: Gil Kane
Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Various
Inker: Various
Colorist: Various
Letterer: Various
Editor: Stan Lee
Title: "The Dweller in the Dark"
"The Blood of the Dragon"

The Dweller in the DarkEdit


Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Barry Smith
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Fatima (First appearance; dies in this issue; mentioned again in CB-253). Zahmahn queen.
  • Yaila (First appearance; next appearance in CB-253). Zahmahn servant.


  • The city Zahmahn on the Corinthian side of Corinthian-Zamoran border.

Time FrameEdit

  • Several weeks.


Conan is surprised by a pack of soldiers from the city Zahmahn as he attempts to drink from a protected spring. The soldiers manage to get the best of the weary barbarian and drag him before their queen, the power-mad Fatima. Impressed by the barbarian, she takes him as her consort for several weeks until Conan makes the mistake of being nice to the slave girl Yaila. The insanely jealous, or maybe just insane, Fatima sentences the two to death in the sewers at the pleasure of the Dweller in the Darkness. Conan manages to break free of the chains that hold him just as the Dweller, a giant octopus slithers into view. Conan and Yaila scramble up a tunnel in the ceiling. Breaking through a manhole, they find themselves in the middle of Fatima and a group of guards. Fed up with the situation, Conan grabs the queen and threatens to throw her down the hole to the monster. Fatima promises Conan anything he wants if he lets her go. Not believing her for a second, Conan tosses her to the Dweller and listens, satisfied, to the screams. Conan turns to face the guards, but is surprised when they cheer; they were fed up with Fatima themselves. Conan takes the opportunity to attempt to make himself king, but when he discovers that Zahmahn only allows queens, names Yaila as the next ruler and, having enough of queens, leaves town.


  • Although in the previous issue, Conan says he's heading for Argos, he instead heads the opposite direction, east towards Zamora. Go figure.


Conan Chronology
Previous Appearance:
Conan the Barbarian #11
Conan the Barbarian #12 Next Appearance:
Savage Sword of Conan #53

The Blood of the DragonEdit


Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Gil Kane
Inker: Gil Kane, Tom Palmer, Bernie Wrightson




The noble Kalligor emerges victorious from a joust, and, after treating his valet like dirt, attends a dinner at his baron's estate. There, he graciously allows the baron's son to tackle the monstrous hydragon that is menacing a nearby village. When the son fails to return, Kalligor valiantly decides to kill the monster himself, knowing full well that the gracious baron would offer his daughter, and his realm, to Kalligor if he were to succeed. Kalligor finds the beast, and fatally poisons it. He is horrified to see the creature transform into the baron's son, and as a transformation overtakes him, he realizes that whoever kills the hydragon is cursed to actually become the hydragon.


  • This is the first in the "Tales of the Hyborian Age" - and the last, it seems.


  • Essential Conan
  • Giant Size Conan #5

Conan the Barbarian
Previous Issue:
Conan the Barbarian #11
Conan the Barbarian #12 Next Issue:
Conan the Barbarian #13

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