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The Return of Conan (Gnome)

Cover of The Return of Conan (Gnome Press); art by Wallace Wood

The Return of Conan is a Conan novel by Björn Nyberg and L. Sprague de Camp, also published as Conan the Avenger.


In the kingdom of Aquilonia, a year of peace for King Conan and his new queen Zenobia is broken when the latter is abducted by a demon. Conan learns from the wizard Pelias of Koth that the eastern sorcerer Yah Chieng of Khitai is responsible, and begins a quest to recover her, little realizing that the fate of the world as well as Aquilonia rests on the outcome of the contest.

Chronologically, The Return of Conan falls between Howard's novel The Hour of the Dragon (also known as Conan the Conqueror), and the four short stories collected as Conan of Aquilonia.

In the both hardcover Gnome Press edition and the paperback Lancer/Ace edition of the Conan stories, The Return of Conan follows Robert E. Howard's novel Conan the Conqueror; it is the final volume chronologically in the Gnome edition (though one additional volume, Tales of Conan, contains stories issued out of sequence), while in the Lancer/Ace edition it is followed by the short stories collected as Conan of Aquilonia.



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Publication historyEdit

Frazetta avenger

Cover art by Frank Frazetta used for the Lancer, Sphere, Prestige and Ace editions of Conan the Avenger

  • Conan the Avenger (novel) • Björn Nyberg and L. Sprague de CampLancer 1968
    • 1968, 1969 • purple edges • 60¢
    • 1970 • purple edges • 95¢
    • 1971, April 1972, September 1972 • yellow edges • 95¢
    • May 1973 • yellow edges • $1.25


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