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Conan of Cimmeria 2 (WS)

Cover of Conan of Cimmeria: Volume Two (1934) (Wandering Star); art by Gary Gianni

Conan of Cimmeria: Volume Two (1934) is a collection of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories, published by Wandering Star, and by Del Rey as The Bloody Crown of Conan.

Contents Edit


  • Untitled Synopsis (The People of the Black Circle)
  • "The Story Thus Far…"
  • Untitled Synopsis: "Amalric, a son of a nobleman of the great house of Valerus, ..." ["Drums of Tombalku"]
  • Untitled Draft: "Three men squatted beside the water hole, beneath the sunset sky..." ["Drums of Tombalku"]
  • Untitled Synopsis (The Hour of the Dragon)
  • Notes on The Hour of the Dragon
  • Untitled Synopsis ("A Witch Shall Be Born")


  • "Hyborian Genesis Part II" Notes on the Creation of the Conan Stories by Patrice Louinet
  • Notes on the Conan Typescripts and the Chronology by Patrice Louinet
  • Notes on the Original Howard Texts

Publication details Edit

The Bloody Crown of Conan (Del Rey)

Cover of The Bloody Crown of Conan (Del Rey); art by Gary Gianni

References Edit

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