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Cimmeria is a country of the Hyborian Age.

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Cimmeria is located north of Aquilonia, and east of the Pictish Wilderness. The Eiglophian Mountains separate Cimmeria from the Nordheim countries Asgard and Vanaheim. The Border Kingdom separates Cimmeria from Nemedia in the south east.

Cimmeria appears to contain wolves, panthers, deer, and rabbits, but has no snakes or reptiles.

When Hyboria is superimposed over modern Europe, Cimmeria occupies the a region containing Denmark and the east coast of Scotland, most of the land submerged under the North Sea. In the interval between the Older and Younger Dryas 10,000 years ago (which is when Robert E. Howard placed the Hyborian Age), much of the North Sea area was in fact above water.

History and politicsEdit

The Cimmerians of the Hyborian Age are the descendents of the primitive Atlanteans, who reverted to apedom and savagery after the Cataclysm.[1] They mixed with contemporary Cimmerian tribes in the Thurian Age.

Although the nation has no overall government, the individual tribes are governed in a vaguely democratic way by all the tribes' men. Even women have a respected place in Cimmeria, for while they are not soldiers, many wives and mothers have stood in defence of their homes and families.

In lean times, Cimmerians constantly fought against their old enemies, the Picts as well as the Nordheimir to the north. They also fought against the Bossonian Marches and even fought their way to Aquilonia for plundering raids. The Aquilonian kings toyed with the idea of putting Picts and Cimmerians against each other and let both barbarian peoples destroy each other.[2]

Almost every grown Cimmerian knows how to fight, for their neighbours will just as willingly raid them. However, Aquilonia at least has never made a concerted effort to conquer Cimmeria; there is too little there to be profitable, and the people would sternly fight for their freedom.

Five hundred years after Conan's reign as king, the Cimmerians still remained in their homeland despite incursions from Pictish and Hyrkanian armies.

Population and cultureEdit

Cimmerians were tall and powerfully built ferocious savages, with black hair and blue or grey eyes. Although the Hyborian invasion did not touch them, they seem to had benefitted by contact with the invaders, and advanced rapidly in culture, more than their old rivals, the Picts.[3] They appear to have been late Iron Age or possibly Dark Age in cultural development, or possibly even a hunting and gathering culture. They dress in skins and pelts, and do their own weaving in a rough, practical style. Cimmerians have little use for philosophy, science, or art, but seem to value entertainment, especially in the form of storytelling.

Cimmerian culture does not value materialism for avarices' sake. Although warriors such as Conan are encouraged to gather wealth and glory to themselves, Cimmerians value courage, honour, respect, and pride more than treasure. It is said that none starve in Cimmeria unless all starve, for any family would care for any who need it.

The Cimmerians appear to have been based on the Celts, specifically the Dark Age Gaels who are the ancestors of the modern Irish and Scots.


The Cimmerians' chief deity was Crom, a vengeful god who took little interest in mortal matters. He and his dark brood are said to never answer prayers, for this as seen as weak pleading and Crom would rather such supplicants die honourably. However, the Cimmerians credit their strength of arm and spirit to Crom, who allegedly grants strength and courage at birth in order to face their enemies in life.

Other gods include:

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