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Brythunia is a country of the Hyborian Age.

Geography Edit

Brythunia is located north of Corinthia and Nemedia, west of the Border Kingdom, and south of Hyperborea. The nation's borders are defined by mountain ranges on all sides except for its borders with Nemedia, which is defined by the Yellow River. The land is hilly and covered with forests, and is fairly fertile.

History and politics Edit

Little is known about Brythunia from Conan's advetures because he spent little time here. It is likely that Brythunia has a monarchy, and is ruled primarily by local lords. One thing that is known is that Brythunia is constantly raided by brigands and slave-takers.

Brythunia entered an alliance with Nemedia against the rise of Aquilonia and continued aiding Nemedia in defensive wars. It was in the plains of Brythunia where the Aquilonians defeated the invading riders from Turan. In later times Brythunia was reduced in a series of whirlwind wars.

Shortly after the fall of Aquilonia to the Picts, a united force of Hyrkanians swept over and subjugated Brythunia and became part of their eastern empire.

A Hyrkanian army on the borders of Brythunia was overthrown by Cimmerians who migrated southwards fleeing the Nordics and the ice fields of the glacier age. These were followed by the Nordics themselves. A band of Æsir (Aesir) drove the Hyrkanians out and occupied the former kingdom, adopting its name.

Millennia later thee Nordics would be known as Brythunians, Brythons or Britons.[1]

Population and culture Edit

Brythunians are primarily of Hyborian stock. It is known that they tend to have blue eyes and blond hair. The eastern Brythunians have intermarried with the dark-skinned Zamorians.[2]

Their women are often of unsurpassing beauty, and favoured by slavers in foreign nations. Being so close to Cimmeria and especially Hyperborea, the people must be constantly ready to fight raiders.

Brythunians usually worship Mitra, although it seems possible that small cults might still worship Bori, the founder of the Hyborian people.

Stories set in Brythunia Edit

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Characters from Brythunia Edit

  • Natala — Conan's slave girl
  • Aratus — a rat-faced pirate
  • Prince Clewyn
  • King Typhas


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