Atali, daughter of Ymir, featured in Robert E. Howard's novelette, "The Frost Giant's Daughter".

Atali was said to visit battlegrounds and show herself to the dying, where she would lure them away into the frozen wastelands to be slain by her brothers, the Ice Giants.

Atali's original descent is unknown in precise detail. According to the Nordheimer, she is the daughter of Ymir, the frost giant king. Unlike her brothers, who are monstrous ogres, she is utterly beautiful.

Atali is a slight, beautiful woman with smooth, pale skin. Her hair is a mix of red and gold, as if she somehow shares the genes of both the Aesir and the Vanir.

Atali is a mystical creature. She is apparently immune to cold, and has explored the farthest reaches of the north. Her beauty and grace are so mystifying that she is able to draw men to follow her even to their own deaths. As Ymir's daughter, she is protected by the god himself; in "The Frost Giant's Daughter," she called to Ymir to save her from Conan's rage, and vanished into the air.

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