Aryas are probably a group of people(s), or perhaps an historical figure. The Aryas are mentioned only fleetingly in the introduction of The Phoenix on the Sword.

After the age of King Conan and the Hyborian Age, it is mentioned that the 'Sons of Aryas' rose and conquered the world and they are considered the ancestors of the Aryan or Proto-Indo-European peoples.

According to the final paragraphs of The Hyborian Age, it is said that after the second cataclysm, Nordic tribes gradually mixed with the Cimmerians who were already at the steppes west of Vilayet and the Aryas were obviously related to that culture. Their population was growing so some of those tribes, the "sons of Aryas" left and moved into those lands now known as India, Asia Minor and central and western Europe.

The sons of AryasEdit

-> Goths
-> Scandinavian and Germanic tribes, including the Anglo-Saxons
Æsir (Aesir) (blond)
-> Achaians, Gauls and Britons
-> Nemedians (Irish)
-> Danes
-> Gaels (gave their name to modern Crimea)
-> Irish and Highland Scotch
-> Other clans adventured east of the Caspian, mixed with Hyrkanians and created the Scythians.
-> Cymric tribes of Britain; these were followed by purely Nordic Britons (Brythunians?) into the isles.
-> Cimbri (fought Rome)
-> Gimmerai of the Assyrians and Grecians
-> Gomer of the Hebrews

The Nordic/Cimmerian that drifted west met the descendants of the Picts who had reverted to the stone-age, and overthrew them.

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