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Amalric is a literary character created by Robert E. Howard in his story ‘Black Colossus’, published by Weird Tales during June 1933.

Biographical sketchEdit

A Nemedian mercenary general who commands a thousand horsemen and two thousand spearmen, which at one point included Conan himself. He is described as a “true soldier of fortune”; though he doesn’t trust Conan to lead the Khorajan army, he accepts his fate gladly. He was wounded through the leg at the Pass of Shamla.

Possibly, this is also the same Leader who collects Tarascus and Valerius in Hour of the Dragon and with the aid of Orastes raises Xaltatoun. In this tale he is originally the head of this group, and seems to also be funding much of their endeavors. He later loses leadership as Xaltatoun subtely takes it from him. He meets his end in a battle against the forces of King Conan.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A big man with a leonine mane of yellow hair and a full beard.

Traits and skillsEdit

Amalric is an experienced, pragmatic general who leads an army of three thousand mercenaries.

Stories featuring AmalricEdit