For Funcom's Online Action RPG, see Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is a series of fantasy trilogies set in the Hyborian Age published by Ace Fantasy.

None of these books feature Conan as a character. (Use of the Conan character in original fiction is licensed to Tor.) Ace's Age of Conan novels seek to flesh out the world in which Conan lives, being set in Hyboria at the time Conan was king of Aquilonia.

Ace has so far published (or announced) novels within four trilogies:

  1. Blood of Wolves • 31 May 2005
  2. Cimmerian Rage • 28 Jun 2005
  3. Songs of Victory • 26 Jul 2005
  1. Scion of the Serpent • 27 Sep 2005
  2. Heretic of Set • 25 Oct 2005
  3. Venom of Luxor • 29 Nov 2005
  1. Ghost of the Wall • 31 Jan 2006
  2. Winds of the Wild Sea • 28 Mar 2006
  3. Dawn of the Ice Bear • 30 May 2006
  1. The God In The Moon • 25 Jul 2006
  2. The Eye of Charon • 26 Sep 2006
  3. The Silent Enemy • tba

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