The people of Asgard.


The Æsir fought several wars with their cousins in Vanaheim. Between these, the Æsir also assailed Hyperborea, destroyed city after city and pushed back its frontier.

One of Aquilonia's few humiliating defeats was when the Æsir almost completely destroyed an Aquilonian army.

A band of Æsir mercenaries entered Nemedia and assisted the kingdom driving off Picts and Hyrkanians who conquered the western part of the continent. They increasingly dominated it until they became a semi-civilized mixed culture.

Meanwhile, the Nordics were fleeing before advancing ice fields of the new glacier age and started drifting southwards. The wild Æsir invaded Hyrkanian-dominated Hyperborea and assailed the easterners so savagely that they retreated back toward Vilayet.

Another band drove the Hyrkanians from Brythunia and occupied the former kingdom, adopting its name.[1]

The pure-blooded Æsir were the ancestors of the blond Achaians, Gauls and Britons.[2]

Population and culture Edit

Æsir have golden hair and beards. Otherwise they are usual Nordics.

See Nordheim#Population_and_culture.

They relished battle, but only to loot and pillage, not as means of expanding their borders. Given their lack of agricultural knowledge and their disdain even for the herding of animals, they wouldn't know what to do with conquered lands if they had them! (?)


  • Old Gorm - An elderly warrior, member of Niord's party. When was young claimed to see Atali after the battle. Nobody believed him, as they believed it was the result of an injury on his head.
  • Horsa - A member of Niord's party. He found and tended Conan who was frozen after the battle with the Vanir.
  • Niord - War party leader. He was coming to Wulfhere's aid, but were caught in a Vanir ambush.
  • Wulfhere - War party leader. His company, including Conan, fought against the army of Bragi. Everyone was slain except Conan.
  • Hialmar — a chief of the Nemedian Æsir


  • Also spelled Aesir in several adaptions.


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